Thursday, May 24, 2018

Week 14: Developing Online Advertising

I figured since it was called Fullerton Family Dental, it should be inclusive and you should know the people in your family. Making people familiar with faces. Also bring a warm and welcoming feel. (Designed and photographed by me)

This is a screen shot of a short video with some graphics. the message I chose for the edit is to show the power of ones smile. (I also edited this)

This was just a nice Happy Friday post. It doesn't always have to be a sale perspective. I dont want to loose followers because they find it annoying or something. (also designed this. I spend a good amount of my time making graphics.)

Started a trend on our page where we leave dental tips every Tuesday with a cute hashtag.

Inspirational quote to push people towards Botox

Intriguing followers to push themselves to be the best they could be. And cavities are annoying anyway.

Week 16 Blog Posts 1 & 2

Blog Post 1:
I believe that Instagram and Facebook serve the dental offices very well. Facebook helps with the more matured crowd and instagram is more interactive with the young adults. 
I have always been an Instagram enthusiast, especially when it comes to business. For personal use, I was also a very big fan of Snapchat until it was completely changed... RIP. Anyway, I am happy that Instagram works for many businesses.
Facebook and Instagram are great for everyday use and I have been trying to do that for the dental offices. Hootesuite really helps me manage that. 

I would say email campaigns should be less frequent. Maybe you could do a newsletter here and there. No one likes spam in their mailbox when they didn't ask for it. It is different than when they follow your social media, like ig or fb. 

Blog Post 2:
I use tools like Hootsuite and Google Spreadsheets to schedule and keep organized with logins.

Hootesuite is a tool that is really easy to use and I can see statistics on there. Also, other platforms will show you how well your posts are doing when they are in business mode. This helps us by letting us know what is not working and then we can fix them.

I think our business should be posting once a day, during the week only. That's enough to remind them that we're here during business hours and to remind them to call their dentist for a checkup.

Final Blog Post

Hello! It's summer and it's very exciting! 

For one of the businesses I work for, Fullerton Family Dental, I have to admit that there hasn't really been too much change. Numbers fluctuate as they normally do, but I haven't noticed any significant changes. 

For Synergy Smile Designs, there was a grand re-opening just a few weeks ago. There was a catastrophic flood at the office in January and we basically had to start from scratch. With that, there has been a lot of rebranding and many things are changing over there. 

I wouldn't say that my view of social media. I think it is a very powerful tool and if used correctly, it can be very beneficial to businesses. Since I have been doing this for some time, I think some ideas I formed of social media have been confirmed through doing this course. It was a nice boost in confidence. Some reassurance.

I think I have a better foundation of how to use social media on not only individual platforms, but how we can use them to support each other. Depending on target audience, some platforms work better than others.

Through one of the activities, I am curious about a view of them, but I don't know if I would necessarily use them for the dental offices. 

That being said, It has been a pleasure.


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Week 12: Post Two

Considering that the Fullerton office is mostly a general dentistry office, I doubt patients looking for dental care would first look for help on LinkedIn or Google+. But obviously if they are in Fullerton and they look up dental offices near me, they will find us.

We do have a yelp and we have 4 stars from 44 reviews. I think it does help because when you google the business, it is one of the first things that comes up and those are not bad ratings.

Week 12: Post One

Note: I am switching over from talking about Uvame Films to discussing Fullerton Family Dental and Synergy Smile Designs. They are dental and cosmetic businesses I work for and I handle the digital media marketing. 

Hootsuite is something that I use every week to plan out my posts. It is a great platform to be very organized and to get ahead with your strategy. 

Yelp is another platform that we have as businesses but we aren't as consistent with them. I think it is important to the growth of the system because I notice it to be on elf the first platforms that comes up when you google a business. It could also hurt you if you aren't getting enough good reviews. 

LinkedIn is a platform I think works well for individuals. If people make personal accounts, it is a great way to network online. 

Lastly, I think Groupon could be beneficial to the offices for small cases and especially cosmetic services, such as teeth whitenings and botox. You will reach out to customers in your area and they will get a kick out of it because they think they are getting deal.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 10: Blog Post Pt 1

You can add a personal touch to your blog when it is evident that the person speaking is not representing another person or company.

When blogging for a company, there are rules and you are representing other people. Therefore, you need to be cautious of being too personal. Now, if there are other companies that have very similar services, the blog could be an outlet to show how this companies service is personal to their customer.

Some of examples of personal touches could draw from finding what is important to the demographic you are trying to reach to:
Mothers: show how a product is kid friendly or practical and quick to use for a mom.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Week 7 Pt 2

These are my next 3 scheduled posts. I think they show that we are passionate but still take the time to learn about the craft as college students. In a way, I think it is relatable and then they will take the time to support us.

Week 9: Twitter

I used the words "film" and "screenwriter". I ended up finding big accounts in the industry as the first results. But then I switched over to latest posts with these search results and I found many smaller companies and individuals who are linked to the industry as well. 

I created 2 lists with both of the things I searched for. One list was for film and I wanted that to be a bot more broad. Then I made a list for screenwriters so I could have a narrowed down list with a group of people with a specific niche. 

The best time to post on twitter is between 9 am and 3 pm. That hits most people's business hours and that also includes enough time for lunch hour and possibly breaks. That's when people could be most active on twitter. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Week 7: Blog Post 1

These are the Facebook pages I liked and why I think it was a strategic decision:

Eric'a Precision Autoworks
Embarcadero Brewing and Supply
Modern Gentleman
Nicco's Gyros
Oceanside Breakers

As a film company, you can take your content in any direction you want. I am open to creating all sorts of videos. This includes skits and ads for small businesses. Really, anyones business in the class would have worked. For my business page, I will continue to connect with other small businesses in the area. It also helps to make friends with business owners because if you need a specific location for a film, then you have connections. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Week 6 Blog Post

The difference between post reach and post engagement.

Post reach is simply how many times a post has been viewed on Facebook. 

Post engagement involves more than just views. It is recognized as any sort of interaction with the post. This includes clicks, likes, comments and shares. 

Why does that even matter?

It is important because your stats can show high reaches, which means it lands on someones page and they scroll by it, but you don't necessarily grow your page with that. A view doesn't let us know if the ad is working or not. Engagement gives more insight on how the ad is compelling the viewer to interact with your page. 

How can we use this information?

Know your Facebook insights will allow you to make changes with your posts. You can adapt to what is working and what isn't really serving your page. This will allow you to head in the right direction of growing you page with your followers. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Week 5 : Part 2 : My Target Market

Looking at our production company, which consists of short films and sketches, this is what the target market will look like:

  • Youth/young adults, 14-24, who will watch our films online (students)
  • Research shows that males are more likely to look up short films. 
  • It is the younger population that would watch online videos on platforms like Youtube.
  • Considering the younger population, I think Facebook and Instagram will be perfect platforms to promote the page. Perhaps heavier on the Instagram side. 

Week 14: Developing Online Advertising

I figured since it was called Fullerton Family Dental, it should be inclusive and you should know the people in your family. Making people ...