Thursday, February 22, 2018

Blogs I commented on...

Sujatha Nanduri

Dustin Miller

Week 4: Part 2

Sites I visit often...
  • Simplistic 
  • They have built a very popular brand 
  • Since it is a department store, the website is easy for all target markets to use. 
  • bright colors that don't seem to clash
  • Well... I love target and they make it really easy to do online shopping. If anything goes wrong, or you need help, they are very responsive.
  • I would move the featured items above the 4 big brands being shared there.
  • One of the first things you see is Enroll Now/ Apply Now. 
  • They have made it very easy to locate different things students commonly look for with bold titles.
  • They follow a color scheme
  • Their first image is eye catching with cool effects. 
  • Well, I use it often because obviously I am a student here. They make it fairly easy to find information. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Week 4: Part 1

Websites I thought had potential problems...
  • The first image you see is  2 kids playing with paint. You don't see any visuals of juice until you scroll down to the bottom of the page. If I were looking for this product, I wold be slightly confused. It's misleading. 
  •  How does this relate to pennies?
  • There's multiple places to order right when you open the page. 
  • I think the design to this website has a very amateur look. It looks like things were placed randomly. The top right corner of the page doesn't t have a structure to it.
  • You're eye can't focus on one thing. 
  • The writing is kind of small and it's it not evident what the different titles are. What are we reading where?
  •  Everything is small on the page, it looks like they had a limited amount of space to work with.
  • The red side bar to the left is very bold and feels like it doesn't fit with the theme of the page... if there was a theme?
  • Right off the bat, I was overwhelmed by the aesthetics of this site. The colors were clashy and I don't think the red and blue fit the style of their product anyway. 

Websites I thought were doing things right...
  • It is a very clean structure. Your eyes know how to follow the page. 
  • The color scheme is consistent. Red and white.
  • Titles are bold and stand out.
  • Eye catching photography and video. 
  • With its clean and simplistic look, a user can easily navigate through the site and not feel attacked by information. It allows the user to be in control of their own journey and experience. This is there first impression of the business. They would hopefully look at this before they go into the dealership.
  • The color scheme is very warm and welcoming.. 
  • They started off with photography that was very soft and subtle, and then it transitions into their orange and greens which was very nice. 
  • They have bars right at the top of the page, therefore if you know exactly where you want to explore then you can just get there.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Blog Post Week 3 Part 2: 5 business websites and the social media they are using.

Orangetheory Fitness
Instagram and Facebook
They are well used! I follow them... because this is the gym I go to. 
They have posted on both accounts today! 2/13/18
It looks like they have it set up for what goes to instagram also goes to Facebook. I think they are doing it very well. It is aesthetically pleasing. They follow a them with their feed because of course their main colors are orange and black. It's fun to look at.

Road Runner
They have what looks like all the social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, IG, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.
Looks like the are being used because there are posts.
Last post 2/13/18
They are posting frequently on their platforms, but they don't seem to have much of a response. For the amount of followers they have, I am getting more like then they are. And that is around 20k compared to 600. 

Nothing Bundt Cakes
On their website they have : FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram
Their most recent post is on Instagram and it looks like they are least active on Twitter. 
Last post: 2/13/18
I think they're instagram is hard to judge because it is cake and you can't really complain about that. These cakes are cute. Recently they have been promoting for Valentine's Day and they are extra cute.

They have what looks like all the social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, IG, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.
They post frequently on all their pages. 
Last post: 2/13/18
They don't seem to get as much of a response on Twitter compared to IG. IG seems to be their most popular social media.

It is aesthetically pleasing. It is interior design and I think it feeds the styles that people are looking for right now. 

They have what looks like all the social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, IG, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+. Additionally, under this list they have included their own app, Cartwheel.
Last post: 2/13/18
Target is a very big, much loved company. They have millions of followers,they get really great response. 

Week 3: Blogs I commented on...

Irene Vasquez

Sujatha Nanduri 

Dustin Miller

Monday, February 12, 2018

Blog Post Week 3: Pt. 1


Communicating with businesses...
To be honest, I don't reach out to companies too often. A few months ago, I was double charged for an Uber ride so I contacted them about it though their app. They responded right away and refunded me. It was fairly good customer service. Other than that, I don't really put a lot of effort into reaching out to different companies. And I guess my Uber situation wasn't a social media outreach. 

Getting noticed on social media...
From what I have noticed on Twitter, it seems that businesses are very responsive. Because it is so public, it would benefit them to be responsive because it reflects how much they care about their consumers. It also gives off the impression that there is "nothing to hide", because they respond publicly. 

If it were my own business...
For positive feedback, I would show gratitude because other people would see that they could benefit from our services. As for negative feedback, respond in a way that shows you are taking action so your customer doesn't feel totally let down. Sincerely apologize. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Week 14: Developing Online Advertising

I figured since it was called Fullerton Family Dental, it should be inclusive and you should know the people in your family. Making people ...