Thursday, May 24, 2018

Week 16 Blog Posts 1 & 2

Blog Post 1:
I believe that Instagram and Facebook serve the dental offices very well. Facebook helps with the more matured crowd and instagram is more interactive with the young adults. 
I have always been an Instagram enthusiast, especially when it comes to business. For personal use, I was also a very big fan of Snapchat until it was completely changed... RIP. Anyway, I am happy that Instagram works for many businesses.
Facebook and Instagram are great for everyday use and I have been trying to do that for the dental offices. Hootesuite really helps me manage that. 

I would say email campaigns should be less frequent. Maybe you could do a newsletter here and there. No one likes spam in their mailbox when they didn't ask for it. It is different than when they follow your social media, like ig or fb. 

Blog Post 2:
I use tools like Hootsuite and Google Spreadsheets to schedule and keep organized with logins.

Hootesuite is a tool that is really easy to use and I can see statistics on there. Also, other platforms will show you how well your posts are doing when they are in business mode. This helps us by letting us know what is not working and then we can fix them.

I think our business should be posting once a day, during the week only. That's enough to remind them that we're here during business hours and to remind them to call their dentist for a checkup.

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