Thursday, May 17, 2018

Week 12: Post One

Note: I am switching over from talking about Uvame Films to discussing Fullerton Family Dental and Synergy Smile Designs. They are dental and cosmetic businesses I work for and I handle the digital media marketing. 

Hootsuite is something that I use every week to plan out my posts. It is a great platform to be very organized and to get ahead with your strategy. 

Yelp is another platform that we have as businesses but we aren't as consistent with them. I think it is important to the growth of the system because I notice it to be on elf the first platforms that comes up when you google a business. It could also hurt you if you aren't getting enough good reviews. 

LinkedIn is a platform I think works well for individuals. If people make personal accounts, it is a great way to network online. 

Lastly, I think Groupon could be beneficial to the offices for small cases and especially cosmetic services, such as teeth whitenings and botox. You will reach out to customers in your area and they will get a kick out of it because they think they are getting deal.

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